Dear Friends,

The world belongs not only to us but also to poor people around us who are in distress.The concept of 'Karunyam' was developed from the thought as how to provide helping hand to such needy people.The commitment to help our deprived members , thier relatives, dependents , neighbours and friends led us to formation of the scheme 'Karunyam'(meaning kindness).

Small drops make a big ocean. In our daily life we spend a lot more avoidable expenses knowingly or unknowingly.Small savings from such expenses can make a big difference in the lives of many.'Karunyam' was designed with the noble intention of making available such savings to the needy people of Kozhikode District.This scheme is new dimesnsion to the humanitarian work the Association has been carrying out since its formation in the begining of 2010.

The working funds for the scheme are obtained by way of voluntary contribution from members and non-members of the association.The funds are distributed to the deserving Kozhikode natives as per the scheme.

Karunyam of our Association has shed light in the lives of many people. It has helped many to come out of deep crisis in their lives.The firm conviction that is our responsiblity to help the people in distress made us to join our association.Sometimes this may be a part of vision while for some it may be part of belief, whatever it may be ; it is goodness and love for our fellow beings.

The noble venture we have started may become the guiding post for the future generation.We expect the whole hearted co-operation of all good people in this humanitarian cause.

Social Welfare Division

Kozhikode District Association


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