Mahilavedi & Balavedi


  • President

    Indira Radhakrishnan
  • Secretary

    Shyni Aroth
  • Treasurer

    Finu Jawed
  • Vice President

    Aneecha Shyjith
  • Joint Secretary

    Jeeva Jayesh


  • President

    Alisha Raveendran.
  • Secretary

    Haya Fathima
  • Sec. Arts & Cultural

    Sanjana Sreenivasan

Kozhikode District Association, Kuwait -Mahilavedi and Balavedi have been formed for empowering the expatriates women and children from Kozhikode District (Kerala State, India) living in Kuwait. Many of us are not aware of the real role to be played by woman as wife, mother and care taker.

Mahilavedi strives to give tremendous opportunity to women to boost their confidence and build self-esteem through various activities as to contribute towards development of a better society and generations to come.

We Kozhikode District Association Mahilavedi are committed to nurture the principles of equality, democracy ,secularism and the cultural affinity of our great nation- India and teach our children to become a good human being and a good citizen. We should tell our children to be proud of our nation and our language and live up to the situation of the guest country and of the motherland. Mahilavedi is also committed to extend possible assistance to the needy and downtrodden and less fortunate compatriots of Kozhikode district. United we stand and work for the betterment of ourselves, family and children.

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