Kozhikode District Association, Kuwait a registered association with Indian Embassy, Kuwait, is a secular, non-political organization working for the benefit of the expatriates from Kozhikode District (Kerala State, India) living in Kuwait. Our membership is open to all expatriates from Kozhikode District residing in Kuwait Association officially came into existence on 1st January 2010. We have around 3700 registered members and the membership is increasing at a fast pace.

The main objectives of Association include:

  • To have a socio-cultural, professional, educational, sports and welfare organization for the benefit of the members and at large to the Kozhikode community in which the membership shall be open to all Kozhikode expatriates living in Kuwait.

  • Support the underprivileged members for Education, Medical Aid and Career opportunities through charitable activities.

  • To co-ordinate other Kozhikode associations in the world and to engage in activities deemed appropriate from time to time aimed at the development of members living in Kuwait (Branches formed in other parts of the world will engage in their respective state / country) and in Kerala through collective effort of the international forum.

  • To promote Indian culture and values and develop unity among the younger generation through cultural and social activities

  • Establish enterprises (specific projects) with the intention of increasing the employment opportunities and at the same time provide monetary benefit to the investor Members.

  • To promote, encourage and develop the bright students enabling them to excel in their pursuit of academic/cultural/sports/leadership performance and to achieve higher levels.

  • To formulate a clear and specific agenda so as to secure the rights and social justice to the deserving members from the Government.

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